Peter Ullman


Peter has been responsible for all aspects of Tidal Electric’s development from the original conceptualization and early designs, obtaining the patents, the building and installation of a prototype, supervision of the engineering studies, through the current business activities.

His background includes experience in real estate construction and development, contracting, manufacturing, and product development. He is based in Connecticut. Mr. Ullman received his undergraduate education at Yale University.


John C. Gault


President of John Gault SA, served as Managing Director, IED Consultants SA and Chief Economist of the International Energy Development Corporation (IEDC) group, now part of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation.  Prior to joining IEDC in Geneva in 1982, Dr. Gault was affiliated with the Boston-based energy consulting firm of Jensen Associates, Inc. In a career spanning more than thirty years, Dr. Gault has advised clients in the Middle East, Europe, Japan, and North and South America on a wide variety of commercial and public policy issues. Dr. Gault is a graduate of Yale University and holds a PhD in Economics and Middle Eastern Studies from Harvard. He has taught economics at the American University of Beirut and Bir Zeit University (West Bank), and is the author of numerous publications concerning taxation and fiscal systems, government price regulation, the economics of exhaustible resources, the politics of international oil trade, and methods of designing appropriate contractual terms. Dr. Gault also co-founded the Montreux Energy series of international conferences. John is based in Switzerland.


Amir Eilon


Amir has been an Investment Banker for over twenty years, most recently with CSFB, BZW and Morgan Stanley. Mr. Eilon started in the Debt Capital markets.  He then focused on the Equity Capital markets helping companies and governments raise funds. He also ran a Structured Capital markets group aiming to exploit arbitrage opportunities from market inefficiencies.

Based in London, England, Mr. Eilon received his undergraduate education at Cambridge University and his Doctorate from Imperial College.


Gregory Bonenberger


With Mr. Ullman a founder of Tidal Electric, Gregory has been involved with the development of the Company’s business from its beginning and is its legal counsel.

His background is in corporate law, including representing and advising international companies in a wide range of areas. Based in Connecticut, Mr. Bonenberger received his undergraduate education at Yale University and his law degree from University of Connecticut.